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“Here We Go Again”

This article has been published at Huffington Post on 12/6.


Republicans are hoping to find a star for 2016.

It’s still three years before the next Presidential election but already potential candidates are maneuvering for a shot as the party’s top contender.

Not so long ago, maybe three years or so, a number of Republican politicians unfurled their plumage — strutting before the party hoping to be the choice for the coveted award at the Republican National Convention — the GOP nominee for the Presidency.

They all pretended to have what it takes to become the top dog. But the field eventually narrowed, settling on the ‘strongest’ in an extremely weak field, Mitt Romney.

So here we go again!

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“Who’s Next: The Cowboy or the Thug?”

It’s not a very impressive Republican field for President for 2012.

Even Republicans are less than enamored by the current slate of candidates hopeful of becoming President.

And for good reason. Though things have changed, they’ve remained the same since I wrote the first article in the “Is That All You’ve Got?” Series.

Front runner, Mitt Romney, the apparent heir to the nomination in normal Republican politics, struggles to retain 30% even with this weak field.

There have been over 20 Republican presidential aspirant’s. Over half have either fallen off or declined to run. It has become a comedy of sorts and those remaining are doing stand-up.

But there is still hope among Republican powerbrokers. Several factions of the party have been actively courting two rising GOP stars trying to get them to throw their proverbial hats into the ring.

So, who’s next?

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“Is That All You’ve Got, Still?”

Posted on The Huffington Post on Thursday evening March 3rd. Click on the link to view the article on The HuffPost.


The GOP is vainly searching for a qualified Presidential Candidate!

With the elections less than two years away Republicans are still sifting through a tired list of potential candidates with very little luck!

The list of potential Presidential candidates reflects the uncertainty and unrest in the new Republican Party.

It seems like every few weeks a new prospect rises within the party and another on the list loses their lustre.

The list, since Obama’s defeat of McCain in 2008, has been in flux with no less than 18 potential stars. Some have already gone supernova, permanently fading from the list. Others are soon to follow.

The current list, which includes recirculated hopefuls like Mitt Romney, Ron Paul, and Sarah Palin, and Presidential wannabe’s like Tim Pawlenty, Newt Gingrich, and Michele Bachmann, is a study in both inanity and insanity.

Which Republican Presidential candidate can challenge President Obama?

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