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“Stop Driving! A Call to Action”

A month and a half ago I introduced my first Call to Action at It’s Worth an Opinion. At the time I explained that if we, the American people, would reduce our driving by only 5% the price of oil and, subsequently, gas would decline.

Oil is back down to under $60 a barrel as a result of the continuing decline in global demand and we are at a point where our action could drive the speculators out of the market again causing prices to drop to $35 per barrel or lower.

That would bring the price of gas down significantly, a result of real supply and demand.

Refiners like Valero and Chevron have already sent warnings to their investors as the demand for refined products declines. The conscious effort by a large number of concerned citizens would help drive down the price of oil and gas to a more fair level, taking money out of the BIG oil companies and putting it into your pocket for your own survival.

We’ve been ripped off by big oil companies, market speculators, and the Middle East for far too long. It’s time to take charge of our own fate. Read the original May 12th Call to Action at It’s Worth and Opinion: Stop Driving!

We have an opportunity here. Don’t just sit there. Do something about it.

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