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“The Truth About the ‘Death Tax’”

This has been posted this afternoon, 12/31 on The Huffington Post . Click on the link to read it on the Huff Post web site.


Someone once said, “Nothing’s Certain But Death and Taxes

In a political environment where lying has become the norm rather than the exception there is one axiom that is self-evident—death. Though taxes seem to be inevitable the depth and effect remain uncertain.

This was never more graphically displayed than in the recent fight over the sunsetting Bush Tax Cuts. Republicans and Democrats fought over taxing the rich or taxing the poor.

But, returning to the inevitability of death and taxes—behold the lie when the two are coalesced by a disingenuous political party and Frank Luntz.

The term ‘Death Tax’ is one of the most egregious prevarication’s perpetrated on an uninformed American public over the last few decades.

Despite being UnAmerican, it is fraudulent to rename the ‘Estate Tax,’ yet the Republicans continue to use the deceitful misnomer to the detriment of a struggling nation.

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“The Weakest Majority in History?”

Posted on The Huffington Post on December 19. Click on link to view article at Huff Post.


As an unrepresented Independent voter I feel betrayed by the Democratic Majority!

Members of the Pejorative Party joined Republicans to advance a weak and compromised Tax Bill—a bill that will both stimulate and destroy the economy.

On Monday 83 Senators voted to bring the compromised tax legislation up for debate on the floor of the Senate leading to a vote, and 81 voted to pass the bill with only 13 Dems voting nay despite the non-stimulative giveaways to the wealthiest Americans.

Democrats have proven over and over that despite their ability to govern, they’re no match for the pugilistic Republicans in getting legislation passed or formulating the message.

At what point does having a majority translate into acting like a minority?

In 2008 the electorate reaffirmed their desire for change by giving the Democrats an even larger majority in Congress than in 2006, and the executive office; a clear referendum of the mood of the country.

Expectations were high!

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“Sanctimonious Commander-in-Brief”

This article has been posted at The Huffington Post and is available by clicking on the Huff Post link here.

The Tax Reform compromise may be President Obama’s Swan Song!

The release of the compromised tax bill, negotiated between the Administration and Republicans, has resulted in acrimony between Obama and the congressional members of his party.

His uncharacteristic display of anger over his tax deal was misdirected at Democrats who feel the agreement struck between the President and the GOP is bad on several levels. His anger should have been leveled at the Republicans who shamelessly held crucial parts of the tax bill hostage.

He insists that this compromise is “a good deal for the American people.”

Is it such a good deal; the only deal he could obtain?

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