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“Perry Fiddles While Paris Burns”

This article was posted on The Huffington Post on Thursday. To read it on HuffPost click on the link here


Rick Perry denies climate change on the campaign stump.

As Paris, Texas burns this summer under a punishing and unrelenting solar onslaught, Texas Governor, Rick Perry, declares that climate change, or global warming as he still calls it, is a myth perpetuated by climate scientists who manipulate data to receive more money for their research.

Record temperatures and record drought in the northern third of Texas, combined with disastrous fires consuming the southern third, are costing the state billions of dollars but do nothing to dissuade the Governor from his far right-wing position on climate.

Perry, citing contrarian scientists, dismisses the fact that 98 of 100 scientists believe accelerating climate change is the product of man.

Or is this strictly the hand of God?

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