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“The Norquist Conspiracy”

A ‘mystriguing’ title for a mystery novel but this is not fiction!

Grover Norquist, President of Americans for Tax Reform, prides himself on the pledge that he has most Republicans sign.

The pledge, which Norquist entitled, Taxpayer Protection Pledge, essentially marshals every Republican politician at the federal level and most at the state levels from raising taxes in any form; including a misinterpretation of temporary tax benefits, such as oil subsidies, and the reasons for their passage.

Such a stringent demand on legislators has no place in a healthy and vibrant democracy. In fact, a pledge so restrictive as to potentially derail a functioning democracy can not be tolerated in a free society and should be viewed as UnAmerican.

What of the politicians who would sign such a pledge?

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“I Didn’t Know Gabby, But I’d Like To!”

Gabby Giffords is strong, she’s a fighter and someone I’d like to know!

On Saturday afternoon, January 8th, in Tucson, Arizona Congresswoman Giffords’s life was suddenly interrupted; tragically changed in a heartbeat by a cacophony of gunfire.

For the next few days her husband Mark and the entire country waited with bated breath while she went through surgical procedures to save her life.

It didn’t matter, at the time, what party she was from—what mattered was her life, the medical procedures, and her hopeful recovery.

As more information was released about the tragedy, hearts grew heavier and discourse more acetic.

In the confusion 13 people would be injured, six would lose their lives, and Gabby’s hung in the balance.

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