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“A Delusional Freshman Senator”

This is the 99th article published on The Huffington Post. Coming Soon, “One-Hundred and Counting”


A Southern Senator redefines insanity!

There has been an insidious craziness in the House of Representatives for an insufferable while and, until a few years ago, it was comical.

During that time the Senate, though outwardly intransigent and equally ineffective, had remained relatively sane — at least compared to the House.

But, that has changed dramatically. The lunacy, once confined to the House, has now crept into the August body!

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Quick Hit: “Republican’s Shutdown America!”

The Republicans are once again going to shutdown the Government!

Unless Congress agrees to a stopgap resolution by Friday the U.S. Government will again default on its obligations as it did when Newt Gingrich and the Republicans did it in 1995.

The affects of a shutdown are varied depending on the level of reliance on the Federal Government and the length of the closure. But it will affect nearly everyone in the country by some degree.

We are in a more dire situation economically than we were in ‘95. A shutdown on Friday will have adverse affects on the fragile recovery.

Congressional members have reportedly voted to receive no pay during the shutdown. Does that extend to their staffs? Congressional staffs need to feel the same pain their prima donna bosses have caused others. Congressional members are going to categorize their staffs as essential, but Americans should consider that hypocrisy. A shutdown must affect everyone in Congress if it’s going to affect even one government employee.

But, let’s be perfectly clear about the cause of this shutdown; about who’s responsible for the pain and suffering hard-working Americans are experiencing and will feel as a result of a government shutdown.

The Republicans are shutting down the government.


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On April 8th the Government of the U.S. may close it’s doors…

…defaulting on its obligations and plunging an already fragile global economy into chaos!

As the two political parties battle, one blinded by ideology and motivated by greed, the other insufferably timid, the nation holds its breath.

Republicans want to kill the country and still pay the doctors. Democrats want to continue trying to resuscitate it after the Bush Administration killed it.

The disruptive faction of the Republican party—Tea Party newcomers—are adamant that Republicans stick to the $61 billion in Republican proposed spending cuts; reductions that will ultimately weaken the U.S. economy.

Democrats, on the other hand, claim to be for more responsible cuts; reductions that won’t hurt those that need assistance most and not slow or destroy the recovery.

Which side is virtuous in this struggle?

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