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“The Selfish Rich of the 21st Century”

This article was posted on The Huffington Post on Friday the 26th. click on link to read it on Huffington Post!


Debate over the Bush Tax Cuts has centered on the Wealthiest Americans!

As the far left and the far right wage battle over the sunsetting Bush Tax Cuts the middle-class is held hostage.

Despite the failure of 10 years of low taxes to produce jobs and stimulate the economy Republicans insist that continued tax breaks for the rich will tinkle down.

The middle-class continues to struggle under the weight of 12 years of Republican policies; policies that transferred wealth from ninety-eight percent (98%) of the American population—hard-working Americans—to the two percent (2%) wealthiest Americans.

In the last 30 years incomes for the wealthiest one percent of Americans rose 281% while middle-class wages have remained flat. Yet Republicans argue that letting the tax breaks for wealthy Americans expire would dramatically slow the economy and prevent job creation.

What the argument should highlight is the dispassionate position of the American rich and their UnPatriotic silence.

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“Making All the Wrong Moves!”

Posted on The Huffington Post on Monday morning under politics. Click on the link to go to the article on The Huff Post.

Hoops should have taught the President about making the right moves!

When Barack Obama was elected our 44th President it was a great day for America.

He was educated, articulate, analytical, and compassionate—all qualities absent in our previous president. He appeared to be the embodiment of Lincoln, Kennedy, and both Roosevelts. Someone who understood our challenges and had plans to fix them. Someone who would make all the right moves.

But appearances can be deceiving. He still possesses those qualities, but something’s missing.

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