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Why Isn’t the Economy Recovering?”

Article was posted on The Huffington Post on 8/11/11. Click on link to read it on HuffPost.


For most Americans it has been a slow and painful recovery from this recession.

Analysts, politicians, and pundits continually offer excuses for the slowness of this recovery; and there are a multitude of excuses.

Most prominent among them is ‘the government,’ and the catch phrase being pushed, ‘uncertainty.’ It’s constantly stated, “businesses are reluctant to hire or grow, because of the uncertainty of government policies.”

They’ve blamed low income home buyers for the housing crisis; buying more home than they could realistic afford. They call them liar’s loans. But they hold corrupt mortgage lenders, Wall Street charlatans, and rating agencies, harmless.

Are there any other reasons the American economy is struggling?

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”A Great Performance: Lost on Main Street!”

Performing Arts Centers are feeling the economic pinch!

An amazing performance of acting and song echoed from the rafters and around the room touching every patron at the Orange County Performing Arts Center. The energy and joy the performers offered forth was received with applause and appreciation.

On Friday night I had the opportunity to see “In the Heights” at the Orange County Performing Arts Center. My sister’s boss had given her two excellent seats for the performance and she invited me. I had been a season ticket patron several years ago and had always appreciated the excellence of the performances the Center brought to Orange County.

The performance was worthy of Broadway and, in fact, boasted several broadway performers among the incredible cast. Danny Bolero (Kevin), Rogelio Douglas Jr. (Benny), Elise Santora (Abuela Claudia) and Natalie Toro (Camila) came to us from Broadway and gave us magnificent, fun, and energetic performances, as did the entire cast.

Their achievements brought accolades from everyone in the theater.

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“A Missive to Senator Coburn…and Others!”

Senator Coburn’s appearance on The Kudlow Report prompted a response!

As I watched Senator Coburn on the “Almost Fox” Kudlow Report I realized that though he was being asked directed questions there were holes in the Senator’s responses regarding the causes, the stagnation, and solutions of our current financial situation.

There were many causes, and some signs of improvement, but not for everyone. Solutions are varied and some have better ideas than others.

The following is the letter I sent to the Senator today, 7/24/2010:


Senator Coburn,

I watched and listened to you on The Kudlow Report last Friday, talking about the economy and financial regulation, with extreme interest.

I’ve been impressed in recent months with some of your positions and a few of your statements and comments. CNBC loves using your clip stating that Congress is incompetent. And, like you, I wonder who the 18% are that think otherwise. You see, it has dropped since your original declaration.

There are a lot of reasons for Congress’s declining approval rating and recent legislations are a big part of that decline. In your segment on Kudlow you were right about a few things, but clearly not all. Read the rest of this entry »

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“False Positives”

The markets are still bullish almost 8 months after the March 9th bottom. The Dow closed above 10,000 on October 14th and the bulls have been fighting to stay above it since then. But it has been trending below the ten thousand mark for the last 24 or so days.

The hopes were that earnings for the quarter being reported would be decent. This would give the bulls the ammunition to push the Dow and S&P still higher, well above the 10,000 mark.

So, where is the market going?

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