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“Milk, Honey, or Hemlock”

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Is the Tea Party poisoning the Grand Old Party?

Republicans have never been particularly good at governing, but the Tea Party makes it impossible.

Life has become difficult for the Republican Party as their base — mostly old, Fox-watching white people — is fading into oblivion. A base easily stirred up over third rail issues and easy to convince to vote against their own best interest.

The advent of the Tea baggers in 2010, The Madhatter’s Tea Party,” has made things even worse. The political train is racing past Republicans and they don’t have a ticket to climb on board.

Where do they go from here?

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“The Weakest Majority in History?”

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As an unrepresented Independent voter I feel betrayed by the Democratic Majority!

Members of the Pejorative Party joined Republicans to advance a weak and compromised Tax Bill—a bill that will both stimulate and destroy the economy.

On Monday 83 Senators voted to bring the compromised tax legislation up for debate on the floor of the Senate leading to a vote, and 81 voted to pass the bill with only 13 Dems voting nay despite the non-stimulative giveaways to the wealthiest Americans.

Democrats have proven over and over that despite their ability to govern, they’re no match for the pugilistic Republicans in getting legislation passed or formulating the message.

At what point does having a majority translate into acting like a minority?

In 2008 the electorate reaffirmed their desire for change by giving the Democrats an even larger majority in Congress than in 2006, and the executive office; a clear referendum of the mood of the country.

Expectations were high!

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