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“In Geithner’s Fantasy World!”

My newest article has been posted at The Huffington Post and is available to read and comment on. Click on the link to go straight to the article in the Business Section.


There’s an incredible disconnect inside The Beltway and Geithner’s the drum major!

In the fantasy world of the Obama Administration and Treasury Secretary Timothy F. Geithner the country is improving and we should all be thankful for their swift and decisive actions.

Those heroic actions prevented the country from sliding into another Great Depression, but what is happening in this economy cannot be defined as recovery.

His recent Op-Ed in the New York Times, “Welcome to the Recovery,” explains why we should all feel better about the economy. “The economy is better than most Americans realize.” He actually believes that the actions they took to stimulate the economy at the height of the devastating meltdown prevented an even deeper collapse and put the economy on the road to recovery.

For whom?

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“A Jobless Recovery?” Not This Time!

September’s jobs number was a big disappointment for those that are hoping for positive job creation by the end of this year. The job losses for September slipped back with 263,000 non-farm payroll jobs lost after a better than expected smaller decline in August.

The August number was revised with 15,000 fewer job losses to 201,000, from previously reported 216,000. But July was revised upward adding 28,000 more lost jobs bringing the total to 301,000. for a total of 13,000 more job losses for those two months.

Much has been said about the economy already recovering and the possibility that this, like the last recession, will be a jobless recovery.

Not this time!

Past recessions were not confronted with the problems that exist in this one. The confluence of personal and corporate losses exceed those of the past three recessions combined. Though the downward economic spiral has been slowed, the underlying causes of the financial collapse still exist and are troublesome for any healthy recovery.

Unemployment increased to 9.8% and, as many have stated, is headed for double digits. The highest level of those unemployed during the most recent recessions was approximately 6%.

In previous recessions the job losses were mostly centered around a few industries. But during this recession there has been a widespread decline in all areas of employment: labor, manufacturing, and service. As a result there are few, if any, sectors to help pull us out of this economic quagmire.

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“Camaro, the Return of U.S. Muscle”

To the Editor:

I have been waiting for the release of the new Camaro since buying the ’02 Z-28 knowing it was the last year of production. It is good to see the muscle car return to the GM lineup, (“A Muscle Car to the Rescue,” Business, 7/9/09).

GM with its new Camaro, as well as Ford with the Mustang, and Chrysler with the Charger and Challenger is helping put Detroit and the U.S. auto manufacturers back on the map. A powerful image of ingenuity and design.

Let’s not forget the crap that the Japenese manufacturers use to dump on our shores for years despite the billions in subsidies the Japanese government was providing. We called them rice beaters, and rightly so; tin-cans with wheels and crappy engines.

But the Camaro and others will begin to show that lazy, overpaid, inefficient U.S. autoworkers can again make great cars. Now, if GM would have only been smart enough to build the Camaro in a U.S. plant instead of in Ontario, Canada.

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