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“War and Taxes”

This article was posted on The Huffington Post at noon on 7/28. Click on the link to read the article at HuffPost.


The battle in Congress over taxes is — historically — unprecedented and UnAmerican.

We are in a time of War!

Our government sent our young men and women to foreign soil to die, or return home torn and injured—ravaged by the effects of the destruction and damage people can inflict on each other.

With most wars there is sacrifice and that sacrifice is shared by all countrymen and women. But these wars have narrowed the painful sacrifices to a very few families and groups.

Whether you were for the war or, like me, against it, the reality is—our troops are engaged in a life and death struggle; one that few Americans are invested in.

The burdens of war are costly in both lives and treasure. The current costs to taxpayers for the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan have exceeded $1.2 trillion and Professor’s Joseph Stiglitz and Linda Bilmes believe it will cost $3 trillion. Their estimates include the “Hidden Costs of the War.”

Have the wars been worth the tremendous sacrifices of some Americans?

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“The Taxing Debate Over Taxation!”

This new article, “The Taxing Debate Over Taxation,” is the most recent to be placed on The Huffington Post and may be accessed here or by going to The Huffington Post and looking under Business.


Americans’ perception of taxes is both perplexing and disturbing.

Americans have difficulty grasping the effect taxes have on their lives. There are many reasons for their confusion.

Taxes have become a political football with each side vehemently arguing their position in hopes of being reelected.

The Bush Tax Cuts are set to expire at the end of this year and a decision must be made by Congress whether to extend them or let them sunset. If Congress does nothing taxes will return to the levels of 2002; the lowest being 15% and the highest moving back to 39.6, a 4.6% increase.

It’s understandable, given the complexity of the current tax code and the political posturing that clouds the discourse of such a sensitive personal subject, that the average person doesn’t quite know which is best for them and the economy.

What is the truth about taxes? Which are good and which are bad? This is the question we should be asking.

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