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Quick Hit: “Will Queen James Miss His Coronation?”

It appears that LaBron can’t handle the heat!

James has not turned out to be the Superstar the owners of the Miami Heat had hoped he would be and the SuperTeam faces elimination tonight at the hands of the seasoned Dallas Mavericks.

That is the outcome most of the fans outside the South Beach area hope for. Most of the nation has grown to despise LeBron and the Heat, and would celebrate their failure.

As Dwayne Wade and Dirk Nowitzki show what superstars bring to the Finals, James exhibits the same weakness he displayed in his final appearance with the Cavs.

He quits!

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“Queen James, and Her Court!”

Calling the self-aggrandizing roundballer a prince would be ambiguous!

D Wade

Dwyane Wade, the face of the Miami Heat

The one hour yawner on ESPN was a waste of 59 1/2 good minutes. It was like watching paint dry, or the refrigerator defrost.

Most of us knew James would be gutless and choose to go to Miami but, many that I talked to, hoped that the hour special would be a revelation; that he was going to return to the Cavs and take the challenge, determined to win a crown with Cleveland.

We even could accept the announcement that he was going to make another of the chosen teams competitive and try to win the championship with another group of players.

But no, he took the easy way out! Unable to win a title, he chose to go where he thinks it will be a sure thing.

But sharing the spotlight amongst three known stars might prove to be more difficult than Queen LeBron thinks. James has already intimated in his interview on ESPN that Dwyane Wade would be the unselfish one setting the stage that he and newly signed Chris Bosh would be the stars on D’s team.

The unanswered question is, will Wade regret convincing his two super-star friends to join him? The Shaq/Kobi union comes to mind. It wasn’t a very good experience. The Lakers needed two balls, will the Heat need three?

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