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“Defying Gravity: America Has Talent!”

Tonight, America is being asked to do the impossible!

A night that began with incredible energy ended with the voice of an Angel.

Ten acts, all finalists, performed on the hit talent show, America’s Got Talent last night with hopes of advancing to the final four; the four who will be competing for the coveted $1,000,000,000 prize and a headline act in Las Vegas.

Clearly every act last night was worthy of a headline act in Las Vegas. And America has to pick four to compete next week and then will have the nearly impossible task of choosing only one after next weeks performances.

The night was magical; voices soared, gravity defied, dancing was both electric and smooth. It was probably the best collection of talent of any America’s Got Talent seasons.

Watching any of them leave will be a tragedy. Studio One led it off with an energetic performance, Christina and Ali wowed the crowd with their upbeat musical choice, Taylor Mathews was over the rainbow with his own arrangement, Jeremy’s tricks tied our stomachs in knots, Mike Grasso reappeared in an unlikely place, Fighting Gravity took us where we’ve never been before, Anna and Patryk reminded us of Fred and Ginger, Michael Grimm belted out a soulful tune, Prince Poppycock was a Yankee Doodle Dandy, and we ended with Jackie Evancho’s angelic voice that surely reached the heavens.

Fans were treated to a night of the most incredible talent! It had to, unfortunately, end. It’s a shame we can’t watch all 10 of them perform again.

Best of luck tomorrow night to all ten contestants. No matter who advances it’s going to be one hell of a show.

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