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“How Independents Can Save the Country!”

My newest article has been posted on The Huffington Post under Politics. Click on the Huff Post link to read the article there.


Never in our history has the Independent vote been so crucial.

Independent voters are generally ignored—politically speaking—until the last month of an election. But today, unlike any election in the past, they hold the future of this country in their reasoned and sane hands.

Once again, in state after state, county after county, and city after city, Independent voters are given weak and—in numerous cases—horrific candidates! Yet again, we are called upon to choose the political direction of this country for the next two years.

Independents in America are angry about what’s happening to our country, as angry as the partisan evocatuers who have openly displayed their angst. The Tea Party .

The vocal displeasure of the Tea Partiers has had a major affect on candidate selection in primaries throughout the country. Their anger at incumbents has swept away a number of established politicians in favor of a more raucous, but seemingly out-of-touch, group of individuals with unrealistic aspirations of changing government. To say the least, Tea Partiers are motivated. That motivation has mostly affected right-wing candidates but may have ramifications on the left side of the aisle on November 2nd.

Control, in fact the direction of this mid-term election, lies in the motivation and the resolve of a more stable, more reasoned, and growing political group—Independents.

Independents have chosen to not be affiliated with either Democrats or Republicans. And for good reason!

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