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“UnAmerican Activities; The UnVirtuous Goldman”

It is a time of turmoil, a time of unrest, of upheaval. ‘It is the best of times, It is the worst of times.’

Especially for the economy!

The American people are struggling, weighed down by a mountain of debt, unemployment, stagnant wages, declining home prices, and foreclosures. The middle-class is eroding at the fastest pace since The Great Depression.

Though greed is at the heart of the meltdown, UnAmerican Activities have created and perpetuated this biting financial morass.

Most, if not all, of the current economic crisis has been the result of the risks and failures of financial institutions. Unfortunately, hardworking Americans are paying the price.

At the head of the turmoil, the cause of the pain most Americans are feeling, stands Goldman Sachs who seems to be successful no matter what happens in the economy. A beacon of success, a pillar of financial stability, a company to be admired and emulated! Not really. There are several reasons for their success, many not as noble as one would suspect.

Goldman has made billions ‘betting against America.’

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