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“Congress’s Regulatory Deception!”

Efforts to protect consumers are a deception!

Members of the Senate, under the guise of protecting the American people, are deceiving us into believing they have our best interests at heart. But that’s an untruth which elected officials have elevated to a fine art.

Everyone, including Senators and Representatives, realizes that the financial system in the United States needs reforming and that involves re-regulating all aspects of financial activities.

Our politicians understand the need for regulation because it was they that unleashed the predatory beast that is killing us, through a series of legislative deregulations; the ‘real’ cause of the financial meltdown and the extreme pain currently felt on Main Street.

After 30 years of stripping away most of the regulations that protected hard-working Americans from the ills of a predatory society we find ourselves in a political and financial morass.

Yet they are reluctant to help hard-working Americans fight the predatory practices of the Big Banks and other financial services institutions, and the health and pharmaceutical giants.

Proposed legislation is only a partial fix to a multitude of problems. It doesn’t seem like Senators really want to fix the financial problems consumers face.

The important question is why? Why the reluctance to help their constituents, the American people?

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