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“No Longer Debatable”

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A President showed up for the last two Debates and won an election.

The two candidates, President Barack Obama and Mitt Romney, faced each other in a Town Hall format and the results were much different than the previous encounter. They clashed again over Foreign Policy a week later with similar results.

In each they battled for 90 minutes, the first over questions posed by audience members, still undecided about who they would vote for. In the next debate Bob Schieffer took them through a series of questions on foreign policies.

What was the difference between these debates and the first?

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“What If He Wasn’t Black?”

Are Americans’ opinion of the President influenced by race?

It’s a question that must be broached when assessing the job President Barack Obama has done and whether he’s deserving of another four year term.

When the people elected Obama they were hungry for change, tired of partisan politics, aware of failing banks and a financial crisis driving us into recession, weary of endless wars in the middle-east, and losing jobs at the highest rate in over 70 years.

Barack Obama, unlike John McCain, represented hope and change; a chance to restore America to its past glory.

So, how has he done?

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