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“Who’ll Be the Next In Line?”

“Who’ll be the next in line…Who’ll be the next in line for heartache?”

The melodic Kinks tune should be the Republican theme song for the 2012 election as prospective candidates fall like flies. So who’s next?

Over the last year or so the Republicans have had no less than 20 presidential hopefuls with aspirations to the highest office in the country. A revolving door of right-wing pols offering hours of comedic relief, none of which has escaped notice of the punditry and, with any luck, the American people.

For a long time Republicans have followed an orderly ascendancy to the Presidential nomination, but the Tea Party has disrupted that long standing tradition. And the possible outcome’s unsettling to the party.

Since I wrote the last installment in my “Is That All You’ve Got?” series, in early March, new dynamics have emerged.

The Republican Party is in disarray, searching for a direction, unsure of what their party stands for.

Could it become any more inane?

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