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Why Isn’t the Economy Recovering?”

Article was posted on The Huffington Post on 8/11/11. Click on link to read it on HuffPost.


For most Americans it has been a slow and painful recovery from this recession.

Analysts, politicians, and pundits continually offer excuses for the slowness of this recovery; and there are a multitude of excuses.

Most prominent among them is ‘the government,’ and the catch phrase being pushed, ‘uncertainty.’ It’s constantly stated, “businesses are reluctant to hire or grow, because of the uncertainty of government policies.”

They’ve blamed low income home buyers for the housing crisis; buying more home than they could realistic afford. They call them liar’s loans. But they hold corrupt mortgage lenders, Wall Street charlatans, and rating agencies, harmless.

Are there any other reasons the American economy is struggling?

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“America’s Retirement Insecurity”

This article has been posted on The Huffington Post. To read the article on the Huff Post click on the link.


Republicans are bent on eviscerating America’s security against poverty!

The recession has taken its toll on hard-working Americans. It has left a nation insecure and unsure of the future; a future that is dimming with every new crisis.

Not since the 1930’s has the need for a social safety net been more crucial.

Years of impaired vision, misplaced ideology, and tainted government have left the U.S. vulnerable to a catastrophic collapse the magnitude of the ‘30’s.

Republicans, after causing most of our fiscal problems, are attacking the social safety net, more specifically Social Security, Medicare, and Medicaid, as the major problems in our fiscal solvency.

Representative Ryan’s attempt to privatize Medicare is meeting considerable resistance. People are acutely aware of the negative ramifications of his proposed voucher system; a push for privatizing healthcare.

George W. Bush’s attempt to do the same to Social Security in 2005 was equally rebuked and failed for good reason.

Why are people so averse to modernizing these social programs?

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Recession? Over? When?

In July of 2008 I wrote a humorous look at the economy and sent it to Harpers Magazine.

It would be another 6 months before the Bureau of Labor Statistics would determine that we had been in a recession for the past year. And many in the Markets, Congress, and the administration were surprised—surprised we were in a recession? Surprised we had been in a recession for over a year?


But Main Street knew. Main Street felt it, and is still feeling it. For many hard-working Americans—especially those that are losing their jobs in huge numbers every week—the recession has not ended. It seems it has only ended on Wall Street, at the Big Banks, AIG, and on CNBC!

Now that the current administration, some economists, a whole hoard of Wall Street analysts, financial television and radio, and the wing nuts on the right have declared an end to the recession I felt it would be a good time to repost the article.


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