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“Welcome Back To the Future!”

This article has just been posted, Monday evening. To read it on The Huffington Post web site click on the link here.

What the Hell have Tea Partiers done to our once great country?

A few days ago, despite its many flaws, the country had a chance; a chance at economic recovery. A chance to survive!

Instead, the restless, almost bi-polar electorate handed part of the Federal Government back to those who caused most of our current problems. And we’re lucky they didn’t give it all back.

But our chance to move ahead was disrupted and the days forward no longer look so rosy. One mid-term election reduced our possibilities of an economic recovery.

Why are Americans so negative? Is it an unconsummated desire for change? Is it the smart ideas of the Tea Party and their incredible spate of candidates? If our problems weren’t so damn serious it would be laughable.

Tuesday was serious. It was devastating for the Democrats and gave new life to the Republicans; and a spattering of Tea Party candidates that don’t necessarily think and act like the Republican elite would like.

Republican’s took 60 plus seats back in the House and, though unable to take the Senate, reduced the Dems power to a small majority.

A recipe for success? More like a recipe for disaster!

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“Losses by Whitman and Fiorina are Good for America!

Another of my articles has been posted on The Huffington Post on Wednesday. This is a must read article for voters in California. Wisconsin, Delaware, Nevada, alaska and Kentucky.


The two Republican Candidates will spend more than $260 million in California races!

It seems that voters of California have finally come to their senses. It’s a great thing for the country!

The most recent USC/Los Angeles Times Poll shows Edmund “Jerry” Brown with a 13 point lead over Republican hopeful Meg Whitman among likely voters. It also shows, despite earlier difficulties, that Senator Barbara Boxer has taken an eight point lead over Carly Fiorina at 50 percent to Fiorina’s 42 percent.

Despite spending $130 million of her own money Whitman finds her numbers sliding to 39% while Brown’s have risen to 52%. Brown has spent less than half of what the Whitman campaign has.

It appears that Californian’s have spurned the inanity of the Tea Party and are looking toward the health of the country and the state as priorities in their Senatorial and Gubernatorial selections. Californians have always led in putting the needs of the nation ahead of self-interest.

Meg Whitman and Carly Fiorina, though not as crazy as other candidates endorsed by the Tea Party, have little interest in ‘the people’ of California caring only about the power that these positions would give them.

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