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“Job Killers”

Job Killers was posted on The Huffington Post on 10/21. To view it at HuffPost click on the link.


Unemployment is still high — five people compete for every job!

This country needs jobs — badly — if we are to come out of this devastating recessionary event.

The ‘Great Recession’ has been unprecedented, destroying lives and families. It has been especially destructive on hard-working people; the middle class.

Restoring jobs is the most important issue to reinforce an economic recovery. Housing is also a drag on the recovery, but jobs will help housing begin to rebound.

When the Tea Party swept the Republicans into the majority in the House of Representatives and handed the gavel to Congressman John Boehner, he promised job creation would be one of the new House Majority’s priorities.

Has it been?

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“Recall the Wisconsin Six!”

Wisconsin’s recall election has become a national event!

Wisconsinites are angry over new Governor Scott Walker’s deception and are not only voicing their opinion outside the Capitol in Madison, but taking their grievances to the ballot boxes.

Democrats in the Badger State successfully petitioned the recall of six Republican Senators who will be challenged for their Senate seats next month in a special election. The Democrats easily collected more signatures than were required for the Government Accountability Board to certify the results.

Not to be outdone, Republicans, with the help of out-of-state signature gathering agencies and buying signatures, managed to get three Democrats on the ballot.

Why are the Wisconsin people doing this?

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“A Small Business Dilemma – Survival”

This new post has just been accepted for The Huffington Post and was posted at 2:30 pm on August 6th. Read it on their page at: I have been selected as a Huff Post Blogger and will post more articles in the near future!

Here is the article at The Cutting Edge.


Small Businesses are not hiring or borrowing, because…there’s no demand!

This has been a long hard recession for small business. And though, officially, the recession is over, it has not ended for small businesses.

They are hesitant to take any risks or borrow more money, and most cannot even consider hiring new help. Things really began to slide downhill for small businesses and their owners after the financial meltdown of the Big Banks. And now they are fighting for their very survival.

The Big Banks are back to making money thanks to the largess of the taxpayers. But small businesses have received no help from the taxpayers, or Congress.

Production has improved. Hours worked have increased slightly. But neither of those improvements have helped small businesses. The perceived slow recovery has not benefitted small businesses either.

It has become a matter of survival for millions of small businesses throughout the country. From manufacturing and services, to retail, restaurants, and entertainment, demand for their products and services is flat or down. And, until that demand picks up, small businesses will not take on more debt to expand nor will they hire on just expectations that the slow improvements will continue.

Therein lies their dilemma.

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