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“America’s Challenges: Stealing From the Poor!”

This new article is the third in the series of articles in The Challenge Series here on The Cutting Edge. It  has just been posted on The Huffington Post for your viewing and comments.


Redistribution of wealth during the 1920’s was devastating for America in the 30’s

In the Golden Age a small portion of American businessmen controlled a great portion of America’s wealth.

That disproportionate balance of ownership led to high unemployment, tremendous loss of personal property, farms, and businesses, and long humiliating soup and bread lines—the Great Depression.

Described in the first paragraph of “Our Electorate: America’s Greatest Challenge!” the current redistribution of wealth is one of the eight critical challenges this country now faces.

That same imbalance that destroyed the U.S. economy in the 30’s exists today.

If we allow the wealthy to usurp hard-working Americans’ buying power, the country will continue to slide deeper into poverty. A declining middle-class will push us back into recession.

There was great news, however, just two weeks ago. The recession has ended—in June of 2009!

The National Bureau of Economic Research reported that the deepest recession in 80 years ended after just 18 difficult months for millions of Americans. Everything has gotten better.

Better for whom?

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