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© 2009 Jim Worth

The newspaper industry in America is having extreme difficulty; lagging readership, driven by weak, pablum reporting, and hampered by declining ad revenues.

They remain, however, a voice in one of our most precious freedoms - freedom of speech.

The back-bone of free speech is the Opinion and Editorial pages. Ordinary citizens as well as journalistic professionals have an opportunity to freely express their thoughts and opinions.

I have submitted several pieces related to the economy over the last few years to newspapers and magazines. I will continue to do so until someone takes notice.

My Cutting Edge economic elucidations are available here for you to read, download and comment on.

They were submitted to inject a usually ignored view into the discourse of the issue. Your comments are welcome and encouraged, for it is debate, discourse, and the exchange of views that makes this country so great.

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by Jim Worth
Author, Publisher, Screenwriter
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