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McCain’s Change
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I watched the RNC all three nights and have an incredible number of expletives that I could espouse. As a disabled veteran I am tired and personally offended by McCain using his time as a POW as part of his effort to get elected to the highest, most important position in this land. His unfortunate experience is part of his experience, but it has become the only issue for which he can run on.

I have never seen a convention that was so fraught with lies, half-truths, omissions, and prevarications in my life. Palin was not only a questionable choice for the vice presidency, but allowed herself to be manipulated by the RNC to read a pre-made speech that was one lie after another. It became difficult to find any truth in her speech. So, the hockey-mom, Alaska succession supporter, mayor of Podunk, Alaska, Governor of the 47th largest state in the U.S., has no problems, in her debut to the people of this great country, lying!

That being said, of greatest interest was McCain’s equivocation regarding his support of our troops. Aside from sending our young men and women into an illegal war he has voted against every bill that would benefit our veterans. He claims to support the troops, but his actions speak louder than his words.

On economics he is mislead by his advisors which included former Senator Phil Gramm, who informed those of us that are struggling with this economy, that we are a bunch of whiners. For those that don’t know, Senator Gramm is singlehandedly responsible for both the largest bankruptcies in our history (Enron, WorldCom, etc.) and the housing and banking crisis that we face right now. In fact, thanks to Senator Gramm my first book, “Final Audit,” addresses the bankruptcy issue as an entertaining murder mystery, in which he should have been included as a character. But that may not be the worst of what Senator McCain’s possible choice for Secretary of the Treasury is responsible for. His repeal of the Glass-Steagall Act of 1933, an act that protected us against the greed and reckless practices of the banking and mortgage industries for over 71 years, has created the biggest housing bubble in history and when it is over may have pushed us into another Depression. These are the kind of choices Senator McCain makes. His choice has helped destroy the middle-class in this country.

McCain talks about his desire to end the bi-partisan gridlock in Congress, but his two compromises to push legislation have been an ill-attempted push for amnesty and the appointment of two partisan Supremes who are legislating ‘from the bench.’ He only reaches across the aisle when it helps John McCain.

Though I am not completely sold on what Senator Obama offers on some issues I am acutely aware that we, Americans of all stature, creed, color or religion, cannot afford the type of change that Senator McCain proposes. Under all this man’s rhetoric is four more years of war and maybe another war with Iran; an economic policy that continues to reward the greed and corruption at the top, maverick choices of people who are unqualified to fulfill the role for which they were selected, A president who has limited knowledge or experience with foreign policy--another 4 years of the destructive idiocy we have had for the last eight.

We can’t afford the changes Senator McCain is touting. His campaign is a sham, his candidacy is a shame.

Jim Worth

This article was written in response to the vitriolic mood and speeches at the Republican National Convention. I thought the incindary discourse was bad for America, bad for its citizens. It was submitted to Republican National Committee in September of 2008.

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