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Palin Electrifies!
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To the Editor,

Sarah Palin may have electrified her party (Palin Assails Critics and Electrifies Party, front page, Sept. 4), a party that needed something, but she also electrified me, an independent voter, to vote for the Democratic ticket.

Her sarcasm, criticisms, and mockery, did not negate, dissolve, nor distract knowledgeable voters, from her lies, incompetencies, and obvious lack of experience. Governor Palin has admitted to not knowing McCain’s position on Iraq or what the duties of the Vice President are. Though short on cred herself, she had the temerity to maliciously criticize others.

Even more appalling was the fact that this religious, hockey-mom with family values had no problem delivering a speech, not her own by-the-way, that was fraught with lies, omissions, half-truths, and innuendos without question. Not a religious person, I could not do that to the American people.

Sarah Palin was an inane choice at least: a tragic disaster at worst, but this country cannot afford to put our tenuous fate in the hands of an unqualified neophyte who also supports her own state’s succession from the union.

However electrifying she may have been to those on the convention floor, four more years of disastrous administration would be the death of this once great country.

Jim Worth
Author of “Final Audit”

This letter was written after Governor Palin’s speech at the Republican National Convention. Her incindary speech, though not her own, was cheered by the Republican attendees. It was submitted to New York Times in September of 2008.

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