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7th Year!
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To the Editor:

Sir Cohen sayeth (“In The Seventh Year,” Op-Ed, Sept. 11, 2008) in Shakespearian prose what I have been trying to sayeth for several years but anger seemeth to always getteth in the way.

And Sir Cohen’s message was posted through out the land but I fear that thou message be lost to the uneducated masses; victims of no-child-leftith-behind.

For the shekels to educate the people of this land had long been stripped from the nation’s coffers to bail out the Fannies and the Freddies and line the pockets of the Lords and Ladies who had runneth this country into the ground.

And though you sayeth who has wreaked havoc and what hath befallen the great land, your message will surely be spread from the back of an ass insteadeth the back of a stead worthy of a knight .

And while the people of this great experiment waiteth for their founders to rise up from the grave to strike down the self-professed King Bush the whole world fell silent; a silence that lasted 10,000 days and 10,000 nights.

And the world wept, before the revolution.

Jim Worth
Author "Final Audit"

This letter was written in response to a very comedic Op-ed by Roger Cohen of the New York Times regarding our unprecedented 7th year of combat in Iraq; a war that was supposed to last a few months. It was submitted to New York Times in September of 2008.

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